Sohee dating

Ho Jin will face the consequences of hiding the truth from Eun Gab.

If a dating scandal about the two gets leaked, it might have a negative effect on their upcoming movie because Soo Hee's scandal with Kang Ha Neul isn't even settling down.

There is also a scene of the couple hand on hand on a date using the other three (Ho Jin, Joon and Turtle) to cover it up as a casual hang out with friends.

However, reporters will sniff that something is going on between the two and pictures of them together will be taken by the media.

I sympathize for Ho Jin who's having a hard time dealing with Young Bin as his manager and friend.

Fortunately for him, something positive might happen with his crush, Seo Jih Ah (Kim He In).

In last week's episodes, Young Bin made his second confession to So Hee but he got rejected.

Young Bin was sulking during a celebrity couple's wedding, and later, So Hee admitted to Lee Ho Jin (Park Jung Min) that she also likes Young Bin but she wants to prioritize her career first.

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However, reporters are expected to follow them closely as the two are set to star in the movie "War Terminator." How will their relationship affect their upcoming movie?Young Bin will tell the gang about his dating status and Cha Joon (Lee Kwang Soo) will advise him to be careful.He needs to worry about himself first because he got bad luck in both dating and career.She is a student enrolled in one of prestigious colleges in South Korea, KAIST University.Yoon has made her appearance on tv N “Hit the S Style,” where campus style icons were featured.

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